Ninja Video is a video production company specializing in single and multi-camera live event coverage. We call ourselves Ninja Video because we are ninjas on-site: professional, fast, efficient, and unnoticed. We also edit our videos with ninja speed and precision. We pride ourselves on extremely fast turn around times, so no more waiting months to get your videos back. We have years of experience producing concerts, studio sessions, and music videos. Most importantly, we love music. It makes us excited to go to work every day and we’re thankful to contribute in our small way. So if you are looking for a professional product made by passionate people, don’t hesitate to contact Ninja Video.

Jack Gould

Jack Gould started his ninja video training at age 13, when he got editing software for his Bar Mitzvah and used his dad’s camcorder to start making Kung Fu movies. After working at a television studio throughout high school, producing a feature film and dozens of shorts, and graduating from Ohio University with a degree in Media Management, Jack Gould left the video business for 4 years to play saxophone with his band and work as the talent buyer and production manager for Skully’s Music Diner. During this time Jack frequently hired people to film his shows, but was always disappointed with the footage. He realized it takes more than a skilled videographer to film an entire show with multiple cameras while also capturing quality audio— it takes a videographer who understands the music business. And so in 2013, Jack bought some cameras and started filming shows. In 2016 Jack moved to Denver, CO where he has continued to develop his business skills with a Project Management Certificate from Colorado State University. He keeps his ninja editing skills sharp by working remotely for Martha Stewart Living and cutting concerts on-site at lightning speed. He also likes to bring his saxophone places and force his way on stage. If you see Jack, he will most likely be in the pit fighting off opposing ninja's from side to side to get that shot every band dreams of.

David Diller

David Diller is a swift ninja, prepared to capture the perfect moment in any audio/visual environment. If you look very carefully, you can see David on stage at many shows and festivals, dressed all in black and getting money shots with his trusty gimbal stabilizer. In addition to his years of video experience, David uses expert customer service skills to create strong relationship with his clients. He works hard to create clear communication between all parties to make sure that everyone is completely satisfied with their experience. He also loves cats.